In Love With Shelties?

Me too!!

Shelties are the only dog for me and can't imagine living without them.  

Join me and my pack on these pages as I show you what makes these wonderful dogs different from any other and how you can raise the best, healthiest, happiest Sheltie.

This website covers all aspects of the Shetland Sheepdog; Their health, diet, grooming, personality...

I encourage you to learn as much about raising your pup in the best way possible.

If you have begun your search for a Sheltie to join your household, I do occasionally have a litter of puppies or young adult for sale.

Shetland Sheepdogs at Play

What Are Shelties Like?

If you're researching different breeds and want to see if a Shetland Sheepdog would fit well with your lifestyle, let me share what I know with you:

What's Their Pedigree?

If you are looking for a quality puppy or adult, see what my adult Shelties look like and what puppies are available:

There is a written, agreed upon standard that a reputable breeder keeps in mind… a goal… a target to shoot for. Those of us concerned for the future of the breed attempt to keep our eye on that standard. 

Discover what to look for in a reputable breeder in order to find a healthy happy Shetland Sheepdog for yourself:

Yankee Shelties History

"...Our local vet had high praises for..(the pup's).. appearance and health when she saw the puppy a few days after we brought her home.  If I get the chance to have another sheltie, I will be calling Yankee Shelties."... (read more)

Paula B., Serling, VA

Finding The Best Shetland Sheepdog

Most people say they want “just a pet”. But there is a big difference between a healthy pup and one that will grow chronically ill with subsequent, astronomical vet bills. The breeding of Shelties only because they have AKC registration papers, does not guarantee a quality, healthy puppy.

Look for a serious breeder. It's your best bet for the best Shetland Sheepdog.


Dedicated to breeding, showing and raising the lovely Shetland Sheepdog, I welcome your questions.

AKC or UKC registration simply means they are purebred, not WELL BRED. Neither registry controls the quality of the canines produced, only the "purity" of each breed's ancestors. Quality is left up to the individual breeder. Judging quality happens at AKC and UKC conformation dog shows. It also happens when the breeder does medical testing before breeding any dog.

And there is a big difference between a pup that LOOKS and ACTS like a Sheltie versus one that is a Shetland Sheepdog on the registration papers only.

There are plenty of folks out there doing this JUST for the bucks!

Now, there is nothing wrong in making a good profit for quality products, but producing inferior puppies with no concern for their health or genetic issues does a great disservice to you and to the breed.

On the flip side, buying a Sheltie just because it’s expensive doesn’t make it healthy or a good specimen either.

There are plenty of internet sites where a substandard breeder can sell puppies without the buyers ever seeing the breeder, the parents, or the puppy before money is exchanged.

If the breeder doesn't know ANYTHING about health, genetics or pedigree, then you are dealing with a person who doesn’t give a hoot about the puppies.

So, read up on the breed and ask questions. While none of us know everything, all reputable breeders are quite knowledgeable. And if the breeder won't guarantee in writing that they will take back a puppy if you can't keep for any reason.... run, don't walk away.

Here at Yankee Shelties, that guarantee is taken one step further by returning your full purchase price.

"...I must say, buying my last two Shelties, now almost nine months old, from Yankee Shelties was the most rewarding experience I have had in purchasing pets and it continues to be so."... (read more)

Joan W., Newark, DE

How To Keep Them Healthy

Want to take a little more control over the health of your pup? Here's what I'm doing and you can too!

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