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People cringe at the thought of trimming their Sheltie’s nails. But it is really something that needs to be done regularly. You’d be surprised how quickly a Sheltie’s nail can grow. 

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While clippers put you in the position of not knowing until it’s too late if you cut the quick, the nail grinder can be applied to the nail little by little until you get to a point where you are close to the quick without actually hurting your dog.

If the Sheltie yanks its paw away while you are trimming with the nail grinder, there is no major cutting error as there might be with a clipper.

The negatives for using a grinder for dog nail trimming are the noise and vibration which can freak some pups out. There is also the possibility of catching long hairs and ripping them out… OUCH!

However, there are some very smart grinders that have a plastic guard to prevent catching hair and I have used them with great success. Also, grinders specifically for dog nails generally have less torque (or whatever it’s called) so it will slow down and stop if it catches any hair around the tip. If you get your run-of-the-mill dremel tool, it won’t do that.

The only reason I don’t have one now is because I decided a corded nail grinderworks for me better with all the dogs I have to do. I HATE running out of juice just as I’m getting started. (The dogs, however, cheer in unison).

That being said, a variable speed dremel tool outlasts the pet grinders, so pick your poison.

And Here Is How Dog Nail Trimming Works

Here's a video I found on Youtube that demonstrates trimming nails.

Depending on the Sheltie's personality, I will either hold him in my lap or lying on the table in front of me. I want to be able to easily see the bottom of the nail as I do any dog nail trimming to make sure I don't go too far.

Or if you prefer, stop by here for your Sheltie's grooming needs. Dog nail trimming is part of the package deal.

I’ve tried applying a baby's tube stocking to the Sheltie's leg to hold the stray hairs out of the way, but the Sheltie always has some from other areas of the body that get in the way anyway. You just have to be careful and take your time.

And please stop when the Shelties's nose is sniffing around the grinder head!

Grinders should be placed against the nail only for about 5 seconds at one time as it can heat the nail up considerably and that heat can be felt by the pup. Just go from one nail to another and then back again. 

You don't need to apply a lot of pressure but enough to keep the nail from jumping or bouncing off the sandpaper.

When you start the sound is of dry nails being ground down. After a few passes, it sounds a bit quieter / less "dry" and I know I'm getting close to the quick. 

I use the sandpaper drum which work quickly.

How Often Do Nails Need To Be Trimmed?

Every 2 weeks I check the nails. There's usually a little something that can be trimmed back. If you constantly wait too long the quick (the blood vessel in the nail) begins to extend further and further. This makes it difficult to keep the nail short.

Besides, the more you do it, the calmer the Sheltie gets.


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