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I bet you didn't think there was much news about dogs. HA! Well you were wrong! Take a gander at all that is going on with our furry friends, good, bad and indifferent. Some of what I read here is shocking, other articles heartwarming. Regardless, I like being kept in the loop and thought that you might too.

These news articles are up to date information. “Hot off the presses” as they used to say. (Yes, I know I’m dating myself.)

There is something for everyone. From the politics of owning dogs (oh, yes, it’s pretty political anymore), opinions on health and fitness, shelters and charities, to the latest dog food recall.

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Both Google and Yahoo! have gathered news from around the world and this page is dedicated to articles related to Shetland Sheepdogs or dogs of other breeds. You would be surprised at what you'll find. 

Feel free to bookmark this page and stop back whenever you like.

Sit! Speak! Dogs In The News Commentaries Welcome

When you are done reading, crack those knuckles, put on your thinking cap and get typing. Let us know what your thoughts are about all these dogs in the news. Come on, you know you want to.

You may be surprised to find others of like mind, commenting on what you wrote and supporting your views. OK, well maybe not all the time. But that's why they made vanilla and chocolate ice cream. We can all agree to disagree civilly.

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