How to Groom Your Dog: Trimming Hocks

› How to Groom Your Dog: Trimming Hocks

How to groom your dog ‘s hocks when he’s a companion, is a little different than preparing for a show. You can usually trim a little closer for your pet and still look really good. 

With show grooming, we like to leave the coat as full as possible, nice a fluffy all around the hock (lower leg) while still looking neat.

For these tips, all you will need are two items: 

1) a pair of straight shears icon

2) a slicker brush

As always, you start with a clean Sheltie. If you use your scissors on dirty coat they will tend to get dull much sooner than working with a clean coat. Then you will have the expense of sharpening them.

Some people prefer to stand their Sheltie on a table with the hind feet very close to the edge so they can use the scissors to make a straight cut.

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I prefer to have my guys lying down.

Step 1. Take the hock, spritz with water or coat conditioner and brush the coat well to remove any mats.

Just the action of sitting can mat the fine hairs, so make sure you brush well.

The reason you use a slicker brush is because it separates those fine hairs better then the pin brush.

how to groom your dog s hocks
some simple dog grooming tips

Step 2. Brush the coat to one side or the other and take your scissors parallel with the hock and trim the coat in a straight line. 

Once you do this a few times you can decide just how short or long you want to have the finished effect.

But for now, put the scissors pretty close to the leg, almost resting on it. That makes it easier to cut straight in the beginning.

brush the hocks fur to the side
trim the hocks close to the leg

Step 3. Then brush the coat to the opposite side and again trim in a straight line.

bruch the fur in the opposite direction
trim the fir on the other side

Step 4. Brush the coat straight back from the hock and trim again parallel to the bone.

brush the fur straight back
trim in a straight line

Step 5. Brush the coat up and to each side to fluff out the hock.

Step 6. TA-DAAAA! You are done. 

See I told you these grooming tips would be a piece of cake!  Now go have a glass of wine and celebrate your achievement.

BTW, you know you have become proficient when you don’t get fur in your drinks.

last of the dog grooming tips

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