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I meet with ALL prospective buyers so they can visit with the pups, see parents (unless an outside stud has been used, in which case photo of sire) and we can decide if one is a good fit for you

There will be the usual non-breeding contract with the full purchase price refund for the lifetime of the dog. Puppies are $975. I am now able to accept credit cards and PayPal.

Puppies must be 8 weeks old to leave for their new homes.

Breeding June 2014

Still waiting to see if Little Bit is pregnant. I am hopeful, but not sure yet. maybe by the end of July I'll know.

If all goes well another litter of sheltie puppies for sale will be expected sometime in mid August with puppies ready to go to new homes around October 2014.

The Last Litter At 7 Weeks Old

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Stay Informed About Sheltie Puppies For Sale

If you would like to know when future litters are planned and born, or when a young adult or retired adult is available, sign up for the newsletter to be sent to your email.

That way you are the first to know what's happening. 

It replaces the traditional "waiting list" so you know when there are sheltie puppies for sale and can call or email to make a puppy visit appointment.

You also get updates on new pages and useful dog supplies and equipment to keep your pup healthy and happy.

Occasionally I have young adults also available.

Microchipping Service Available

I can implant a microchip before you take your puppy home and register the chip for you. It's something a lot of puppy owners would like and one less thing to plan on your own.

Basic Microchip is an additional $35. Please see my page on the microchip for specifics.

Registration With AKC Done For You

I can also register your pup with AKC. ($35 for me to send in a basic registration for you).

Since AKC now offers a short term free vet services health plan for free, it's worth your while. Just decide on a registered name for your pup and I'll do the rest for you. Please go to this page for further info.

If you are still researching whether this is the right breed for you, check out the page on Sheltie Personality. I'd rather see you choose a different breed than make a mistake on the type of dog that would work best for your household. Just because these sheltie puppies for sale are cute, doesn't mean you'd enjoy them for a lifetime unless they are a good match for you.

What It's Like To Own A Yankee Sheltie

It's always wonderful to hear how each of the Yankee Sheltie pups are doing in their new homes. And photos of them as they grow up are so much fun.

Please feel free to show the world your special Yankee Sheltie. Your photo and comments will appear as it's OWN PAGE on this website for you and your friends to visit.


Enter the Title of YOUR Story here

It's Show & Tell Time....

Bindi's vacation 
I just got back from my vacation in Louisiana. I was very well behaved in the car and never once got car sick. My owner said that because I attracted …

What a treasure! 
Bindi is a wonderful addition to the household. She has made an easy transition into the family. Everyone is taken with her (with the exception of Karma, …

Jetson has landed!!! 
Our little boy Jetson has stolen our hearts and everyone who meets him! For such a tiny little guy, he is extremely fast! Guess I'll finally lose that …

My First Day With My Family 
My new humans picked me up this morning. I took the front passenger seat. They needed to know from the start who is calling the shots. We stopped …

Darwin has found a home! 
Mr. Blue has a name! I was struggling to come up with a name for him until I saw him play with his toys when he thought I wasn't looking... He put his …

My Blue Merle Color Headed White Sheltie 
Yankee's Snowcapped Juneau, or "Juneau" for short, is my wonderful sheltie boy that I was fortunate to get through Yankee Shelties when Linda and I worked …

Click here to write your own.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Either fill in the contact form below, or if you prefer to call, my number is 302-668-5064.

If you do not immediately get an automated "thank you" response email, that means the email address you submitted is in error and even though I get your request I won't be able to respond. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE EMAIL ADDRESS or call me.

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Puppies are for sale to approved homes. We reserve the right to make the final determination if a sale is to be made. This is in an effort to make a good match.

What Kind of Shetland Sheepdog Are You Looking For?

There is so much more that puppies go through before they ever reach the arms of their new owner. If you are interested in a little "back story" on what happens here at Yankee Shetland Sheepdogs, try the links at the bottom of the page.  After all, you want one that is beautiful, healthy, and fun.

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