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Yankee Shelties Calendar was created because everyone needs to keep their appointments straight, and I'm no different. It occurred to me that some folks might like to play spectator at a show I'm going to or find out the activities of a litter of pups. (Yes, the pups need a social secretary and that would be me), so why not share what's happening by putting it on a calendar?

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If technology works correctly, additions to the calendar below will happen automatically as I add on dog shows, puppy vet check visits, prospective buyer visits, puppy play dates, etc. You can click on the specific appointment to get all the details to pop up. (I was gonna say "pup" up but thought better of it).

You can also click on the tabs to change the view on the calendar.

I’ll try to remember to add things like addresses to the dog shows so you know where to go. Most shows start at about 8 am and go thru most of the day.

Being interested in Shelties I’m sure you’d like to know what time the Shelties will be in the ring and which ring they are assigned. I don’t know that information until a judges program is sent to me about a week before the show. So that information will be added on the calendar as I get it. Check back if you want those specifics. 

Some shows are small Shetland Sheepdog specialties and some are all breed shows. Most have not only conformation, but obedience and maybe even agility as well. The larger shows have lots of vendors setting up booths, so bring your credit card. There is every imaginable dog supply to tempt you.

Generally speaking, dogs not actually participating in the show are not allowed, but I have yet to see anyone turn a spectator away who brought their dog.

In between all of these dog activities, I guess I have to go to work… what a bore! Quite frankly, I'd rather fill up my Yankee Shelties Calendar with fun dog stuff.


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