My SBI Review. An Awesome System

I had to kiss a lot of internet toads before I found a website (business) builder that I loved enough to stick with. And this SBI review will show you why this is a "till death do us part" kind of relationship.

After struggling to learn everything for more years than I care to think about....

(I tried GoDaddy's free program, Microsoft's "Publisher", Wordpress' free blog, Wordpress' paid hosting site) I was beginning to think I was just too old to learn it all and orchestrate everything correctly.

After I experienced:

  • Taking forever to build a page,
  • uploading photos and text at a snail's pace,
  • uploading photos and text and not have them appear as I placed them on the page, over and over and over again, (ARRRGH!)
  • having half-built pages crash and having to start over,
  • having techies tell me the "code" on certain pages were strange (like I have ANY idea about codes).
  • having someone else build a website for me.... at their pace, not mine,

I was ready to pull my hair out.

As satisfying as it was to get on the web, it was a real love - hate relationship. 

With any other site I've had before this one, I felt like it was all patching this and that together to make it work. I don't understand the geek talk so things take sooo long to figure out.

FTPs and hosting thingys... Get a domain name, then software to make the site... apps for this and plug-ins for that. Maybe they work together and maybe they make everything freeze up or crash.

Just shoot me now! I'm going gray fast enough without all that to worry about.

The more I read to educate myself, the more confusing it got. SEOs, Keyword tracking, do it this way no, do it that way.... WAAAAAA!!!!!

You Can Build A Website For Many Reasons

Understand, I started because I enjoyed sharing my love of Shelties and to have a place where prospective puppy buyers could learn about me and the dogs at their leisure. Kinda like a very long business card.

But I also heard that people were making a decent income from their sites. Can't complain about that. I spend so much on my dogs, a little extra help would be welcome.

I'm the tortoise that is slowly plugging away. I am writing about the things important to me. And people are finding me on the web. (No small feat you will find out.) The content of the site is key, not some list of "tricks of the trade" that work for a few months before Google figures out the newest scam and slams your site into oblivion. 

Hence this SBI review to point you towards a reputable, reliable means to take your business online.

I'm not looking for "Easy Street". I'm looking for sanity. And we are all looking for a good steady income stream.

This entire Website is dedicated to what I have found works in the real world and what doesn't.

Oh, Yeah!

This program has you do things right. Including groundwork before you even decide on a domain name. Shocker, huh?   

Quick and easy is not quite how to describe it. But it is rationale, balanced, realistic and just downright helpful.

I remember having seen SBI! about 15 years ago. Being the skeptic, I couldn't quite get myself to put down my hard earned money at the time. So in order to make it a little easier for you to decide which company to go with, I wrote this SBI review to give you a boots-on-the-ground view.

*SIGH*, shoulda, coulda, woulda started sooner.....

I finally found what works for me. After only a few short months I learned SO much about what it takes to put a site together; A site I'm happy with. And I'm still learning.

I wanted a program that would allow me to construct a site that had lots of good information for Sheltie owners.

I wanted a professional looking site so that prospective puppy buyers could see what my Shelties looked like and get a better "feel" of who I was. And they are constantly updating their system, their templates and sharing invaluable knowledge with their subscribers. That is one thing you need to take away from this review of SBI.

I wanted to help supplement my income so I could keep raising Shelties the best way I knew how. (And that is pretty darn expensive. The sale of puppies doesn't come close to making a profit.)

I wanted to make an income in an ethical, reasonable manner, WITHOUT feeling like a used car salesman.

So, if you are looking for something to stick with, check out SBI! SiteBuilder. There is no getting around the fact it is a challenge to learn everything you need to know, but they make it well within the do-able range, even for me.

Build a Website With SBI!

If you need help on things like:

  • keywords
  • metatags
  • avoiding keyword stuffing
  • keeping Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines happy so they will find you
  • getting traffic stats, understanding traffic stats
  • if you need real human support
  • the why and how to do things right
  • pages that you can create quickly and easily

check out SBI! Sitebuilder. Oh, did you say you prefer WordPress? Then check out SBI for WP here.

This SBI review is on my site because, like everything else, I honestly like it and think it works.

The videos from these guys say it better than I can. So for those of you that keep asking me "how did you do it?"

This is how.

So now go build a website yourself. Really, don't wait 10 years like I did. Order HERE by clicking this link. If you want more info, click here for toll free phone number or email . 

Why Am I Writing an SBI Review?

You may be asking yourself, why bother writing an entire page that has nothing to do with dogs? 

1) Because first and foremost, this is an awesome product.


2) Because SBI has been targeted unfairly by a specific company. They are writing fake reviews in order to get people to sign up with them. 

I hate liars. They get my hackles up big time.

If you search for reviews for SBI, you will find fake reviews by people who are paid to make reviews to send you to a proven inferior product. SBI! did a head-to-head study to test those claims.

The study included every site from both products. On average, SBI! placed 3,300% (that's 33X) more sites into the top bracket. The other product only "beat" SBI! in failure (and by a large margin). 

Those fake reviews have all kinds of ways of "fake-reviewing SBI!," but they never, ever compare success because SBI! has always provided tons of verifiable proof on their site. 

It's important to "out" the fakes...

Fake reviews are a big problem online. They mislead consumers, just to make money. For more info, do a Google search for "fake reviews." It's so bad that consumer protection groups and government may have to step in.

Meanwhile, I stepped in to add my 2 cents worth with this SBI review as a small countermeasure.

Now go mosey around my site and ask yourself if you'd like to be able to do this sort of thing yourself (with tons of backup from SBI support).

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