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Let me show you an easy-peasy way to make this for your pooch.

It was one of those epiphanies I get as I’m drifting off to sleep at night. Feeling grateful for the general health of my Shelties made me think of the less fortunate Shetland Sheepdogs out there. Having watched enough of the videos on rescued dogs, I wondered; if I had to care for a Sheltie that wasn’t mine for whatever reason, would I be prepared?

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Thoughts of comfort food such as chicken soup came to mind. I remembered from years ago how bone broth was touted as “good for what ailed you”. 

What could this broth do to help your Sheltie? If you are not feeding a raw food diet, at least she can get some benefits from whole bone by using the broth concentrate.

Or, even if she is on a raw diet but for some reason is not eating, has diarrhea or recovering from surgery, it is a food easy to ingest and tempting with its flavor and aroma.

Understand that a dog fed a raw food diet is making his or her very own bone broth in the digestive tract. Whole bones are crunched and enter the stomach where gastric acid leeches out all the good stuff listed below which is then digested. The remains exit the south end as unneeded material.

What's Bone Broth For Shelties Good For?

Bone broth is known to have the following:

  • Glycine - which aids digestion, helps the liver detoxify the body
  • Gelatin - which can reduce the amount of protein needed by the body substantially and reduces leaky gut which has been known to lead to food allergies
  • Minerals – something the modern diet is woefully lacking
  • Glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid – you know these as great joint repair substances

So being a “belt AND suspenders” kinda person, I thought it might not be a bad idea to be prepared… just in case…

Bone Broth Recipe

The recipe below is incredibly simple. So simple, I’m not sure you could even call it a recipe. Julia Child has nothing to worry about. 

  1. Take bones left over from your roast chicken, or other meat such as lamb, pork or beef. If you don’t many, save them in the freezer til you get a crock-pot full. Or buy beef soup bones. Just make sure you get organic because you will be concentrating everything that is in the bone and chemical toxins are not something you want more of.
  2. Fill the crock-pot with water; add about 2 tablespoons of vinegar (I like to use the organic Apple Cider Vinegar). The vinegar makes the water acidic enough to leech the minerals and gelatin out of the bone.
  3. Turn the crock-pot on high to get it simmering, then turn it down and leave it to cook for at least 24 hrs.
  4. Strain all the bones and meat out of the broth.

Pour into these handy silicone trays and freeze. Once frozen pop them out and into a zip lock bag ready to use at a moment's notice. 

I don’t know about you but I may join my dogs in a bone broth cocktail now and again. May keep my joints moving for another 30 years or so…

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