Bordetella Vaccine: Do You Like To Waste Your Money?

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As I mentioned on the page about kennel cough, the need for this vaccine has more to do with canine facilities wanting to protect their hind end.

It would be one thing if it actually was effective but it's not. It’s just something the facilities can point to and say, “See, we did everything we could to prevent kennel cough.”

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It’s similar to hospitals now requiring their employees all get flu vaccinations before they are allowed to work. As if it protects their patients from influenza. OK, well, I won’t go there….

Back to bordetella….

Lots of folks may feel, what the heck, even if it doesn’t help, it can’t hurt. But the truth is, it can hurt. Every time you inject your dog with a foreign substance there is a chance things could go wrong.

Just so you know, kennel cough can be a combination of germs not limited to the bordetella bacteria.

How Long Is Bordetella Vaccine Effective?

Also, this vaccine may be effective for all of 6 months. So are you going to vaccinate every 6 months x 15 years of a dog’s life???

Would you get vaccinated every 6 months for the rest of your life for the common cold??

Bordetella Not Required Here

For Shetland Sheepdogs that are groomed or boarded here, I do not require this vaccination. I do not vaccinate my pups with it either.

Any dog that is relatively healthy and has a decent immune system will fight any environmental infection without difficulty. It is a self limiting disease, meaning, without doing anything, it will go away.  

Please, don’t let bad science (read: no science) make you feel that you have to subject your Sheltie to this insanity. Tell your groomer, boarding kennel, or training facility that you are willing to sign a waiver relieving them of any liability should your dog get kennel cough. Either that or let them know why you are walking away.

What? They worry that your dog may bring kennel cough into the facility and give it to other dogs?? Hmmm, didn’t they just say that all the dogs are vaccinated?? Doesn’t that mean the dogs are protected??

They can’t have it both ways. They should be made very aware of their lack of logic.

But you don’t have to believe me, do a little research of your own. There are others who realize how this bordetella vaccine is a waste of time and money.

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