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I feed mostly raw meaty bones, and I feel occasionally carbohydrates in the form of crushed veggies and starches makes sense.

Why did I decide to add carbs to the diet? Because I have found that some of my guys are a little too lean on a strictly meat and bones diet. So I use them to keep the Shelties in good weight. I also figured some extra whole food vitamins and minerals would be a bonus.

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I do not feed carbs based on the erroneous story that wolves eat the stomach contents of their prey. Because they don't. How do I know this?

Oh, joy! What fun to clean up after THAT experiment!

Generally speaking, opinions on carbohydrates for dogs are almost as hotly contested as the raw food diet itself. I have found a place comfortable for me. You need to do the same.

Some people think canines eat vegetative matter because of the "Green Tripe"  that many raw food diet advocates feed them. But "Green" doesn't mean the tripe has the grass still in it.

Green means "unprocessed" in contrast to tripe for human consumption which is bleached (dead) white.

The stomach lining is initially a green color due to the chlorophyll residue from the grass. Green tripe is the actual stomach and intestine of the animal, not what was in it. (though there may be a little of the grass left during cleaning).

So when you are thinking about carbs , don't consider Green Tripe. It isn't a carb, it's a protein.

How To Prepare Carbohydrates For Dogs

Carbs consist of foods such as rice, beans, vegetables and fruit. I have read that canines are unable to digest the cell wall of vegetables and therefore can’t get the nutrients from the juice.

And sure enough, if I feed them whole raw carrots, they present me with carrot poop the next day. Carbohydrates for dogs has to be provided in a way the Shelties can utilize.

vegetable carbohydrates for dog raw food diet

So I use my juicer to extract the juice and then mix the pulp back in (because the pups seem to like the substance with the juice). They still poop carrot pulp, but I know they’ve gotten the juice nutrients.

Does that mean they never get whole veggies? Nope. For some reason my dogs love to crunch whole vegetables. So just for fun they get some. Carrot poop really isn’t so bad. 

Juiced Veggies I Feed

Juiced veggies are part of carbohydrates for dogs:

  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Kale
  • Swiss chard
  • Celery

Sometimes I make a mix of 3 parts veggies and 1 part ground meat; sometimes it’s just the veggies. They get the usual 2-4% weight for that day.

Carbs I Avoid Unless I Plan To Fumigate After The Dogs
Have Dinner

  • Beets (OMG! What a stench!!)
  • Broccoli (not much juice anyway)
  • Beans (kinda gassy)
  • Cabbage (belch, belch!)

And of course each dog has their own preferences just like kids. So try one type of vegetable at a time to see what they may or may not like. It's one small part of the raw food diet that you can transition into at your leisure.

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