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I’ve been bathing my dogs for decades and I have the back to prove it!

I used to do what most people do. Put the dog in the bathtub, get on my knees and scrub. But there is a much better way, with some reasonably priced equipment and a hooked up utility sink in your basement or laundry room. (Which most homes have, right?)

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Ok, first get a Medium Booster Bath You can’t beat the price for a dog tub that comes with a down drain and all.

Then you improvise a little. And if I can do it, anyone can.

Even with the legs on the tub, it is short for me (I’m only 5’3”) and I found I was still bending over enough to hurt my back by the end of the bath. Look at the video ad below and see where their waist is in relation to the tub and how they would need to bend over for a small dog.

Notice the adults bathe a big, tall dog in the ad so they don’t have to bend over and the youngsters bath the little guys.

I also have the Power Dog Washer that makes bathing faster but I needed a way to recirculate the bathwater.

I initially tried putting the pump in a big plastic tote with about 1/3 filled with water and soap under the Booster Bath discharge hose, but even that was a pain.

I had to empty it rinse it out and put it back after each bath. UGH! Not to mention if I put just a little too much shampoo in it, I’d have soapsuds overflow onto the floor.

Then I tried the power washer in the dog bath tub itself but the ledge where the dog gets in is too shallow. UGH again!!

But…. There is a way that works for me. I hope you try it.

Turbo-Charged Dog Bath Tub

Only put the two front legs on the dog bath tub and place each on top of overturned 5 gal buckets. That lifts the dog bath tub further. The trick is to stack overturned buckets so the bottom of the bath eventually sits flat on the edge of your utility sink with the discharge hose inside.  

I used two buckets nested inside each other for each leg. Believe it or not this has yet to wobble or tip over. Even with antsy dogs in the tub. This set-up gave the very slightest tilt towards the sink. Great for draining the tub.

I also cut the discharge hose so it wasn’t taking up the entire tub.

Then I put the power dog washer in the utility sink, used a sink stopper, and fill with 2-3” water and a little soap. There’s your recirculating system.

Have a short hose attached to the utility sink faucet for rinsing the dog after.

Now, being short, this elevation, while great for attaching to the utility sink, made the whole gizmo too high for me. :(

What to do?? What to do?? Oh, dear, there must be something I can find to make me taller. What could it be??

DUH! Took me a whole day before the light bulb moment. (Sometimes I wonder how I lasted on this planet so long). It’s called a step stool!!!!

I put the foot switch for the dog bathing system on the step stool.

So, all I have to do is plug the sink drain, add warm water and shampoo, put the sheltie in the dog bath tub, and use the foot switch for the power washer!

Just unplug the drain when done, rinse the shelties with the attached hose and VOILA! Done!

It isn’t pretty but it works so easily, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this long before moving to this house.

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