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If you browse this website, you’ll notice a variety of natural supplements that I have found to be helpful in keeping my Shelties healthy.

dog food supplements

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In the beginning there were only one or two things I used but the more I researched, the more I found that I wanted to add to their raw food diet. After all, it's about OPTIMUM health.

I measured each ingredient out into each bowl on a regular basis. That quickly became really annoying.

A quarter teaspoon here, a half teaspoon there; multiple bowls and multiple supplements multiple times during the week. YUK!

So I figured out how to pre-mix it up, divide the portions to single serving sizes and freeze them. 

Now I don’t even have to wait for a day where they get their meal in a bowl. I’m always looking for an easier way. ;)

Ideally, these are the dog food supplements I like to give my pups on a regular (though not necessarily, daily) basis:

Recipe for Dog Food Supplements

  • Ginger ½ tsp (for heartworm prevention)
  • Olive Leaf ½ tsp (antibacterial, antifungal)
  • Mineral Supplement ½ tsp (natural source for silica which is woefully low in all our diets)
  • Seaweed ¼ tsp (for iodine, thyroid function, dewormer)
  • Probiotics ¼ tsp (for gut health and good digestion. This dose is less than recommended on the jar, which was a personal choice of mine)
  • Coconut oil 1 tbls. (For giardia and coccidia). It is also an antifungal, antibacterial food.
  • Pumpkin seed 1 tbls (for tapeworms)
  • Mashed Pumpkin 1 tbls. (Mild laxative effect to move the paralyzed worms out).
  • Krill oil 1 capsule (Omega fatty acids). Better than fish oil, cod liver oil or flaxseed.
  • Methyl Sulfanyl Methane (MSM) ¼ tsp natural sulfur supplement
  • Nutritional yeast 1/4 tsp for the vitamin Bs including B12.

You can see why I started pre-mixing this all up. Not to mention the powdered dog food supplements can billow up when using them dry and breathing them in is not fun.

I bought Whole Pumpkin Seeds and ground them in the Blendtec Blender

It was a tougher job than I thought, heating up the pumpkin seeds as they were ground. Smaller batches make for an easier job and a finer powder which is better for the Shelties to be able to digest.

Not to mention those little pieces of pumpkin seed look white in the mix and if not digested would look like little tapeworm segments. UGH! So try to grind well. 

All my Shelties eat the dog food supplements without any fuss. Well, all except Ditto. He was the hold-out for better taste!

So I started adding the canned pumpkin which is also good for constipation or the other end of the spectrum, diarrhea. It is a good bowel balancer for lack of a better term.

And it makes it palatable enough even for Ditto. Big baby!!

Mixing My Dog Food Supplements

OK, so first thing I did was convert everything to a ratio so I could mix in mass quantities:

  • 2 parts Ginger
  • 2 parts Olive Leaf
  • 2 parts Mineral
  • 1 part Seaweed
  • 1 part Probiotics
  • 12 parts Coconut oil
  • 12 parts Pumpkin seed
  • 12 parts Mashed pumpkin
  • 1 part MSM (sulfur)
  • 1 part Brewer's yeast

Use the “parts” as any measurement you wish, tablespoons, cups, whatever.

Grind the raw pumpkin seeds in the blender 'til fine. Add to the coconut oil, Add Olive leaf powder and Ginger powder. Oh, OK, I'm not sure why I'm specifying, just dump everything in a bowl and mix!

grinding raw pumpkin seeds
adding to coconut oil
powdered olive leaf
ginger and mineral powder

Hey, I didn't say it was going to look pretty! I found the perfect sized Cube Ice Trays - Set of 2 to use.

You don't have to measure anything, just glop the supplement on the trays, stuff the cubes full, scrape off the top with a knife or spatula and it's done. 

Freeze for about an hour, pop them out into a zip lock bag and repeat til you are done. 

adding mashed pumpkin to the mix
all mixed up

Where To Get All The Supplements?

These are links to the merchants that don't happen to be on Amazon:

seaweed powder
mineral powder

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