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I’ve had one of these systems for several years and love, love, love it!

Problem is, the original company is no longer in business.

The newer version that I found, while probably just as effective, seems to require screwing things into walls, and running wires thither and yon.

Obviously, it’s mostly for groomer retail stores. not home use.

So, using a little Yankee ingenuity, I decided to create one similar to the one I have (but better) based on what I know from experience.


Introducing Yankee's Dog Washing Power System

  1. It's portable.
  2. You can use it in your bathtub.
  3. You can use it in a dedicated bathing station if you are lucky enough to have one in your home.
  4. The pups do very well with it.
  5. You save lots of money on the amount of water and shampoo you use. (About an ounce of shampoo per bath.)
  6. Unlike a lot of cheaper systems that require you buy their brand of shampoo, you can use any you choose. (I’m a control freak that way.)
  7. Rinsing the coat is quick.  (How many times have you THOUGHT you rinsed well and as you were drying the coat found a patch of suds?)

As far as I can see this is the easiest, fastest way to get the cleanest pup ever.

After many, many, many trips to various stores experimenting with this and that, looking for what I wanted, I finally got all the pieces together.

Here's What It Looks Like & How It Works

The dog washing system includes:

  • A 1/6 HP pump.
  • A strainer bag to (optionally) put the pump in to make sure it never clogs no matter how much hair gets shampooed out!
  • 5 feet of Flexzilla brand hose, the most flexible hose on the market. Makes it easy to maneuver under, over and around your pup. No more fighting the hose.
  • Easy-to-grasp outflow valve even when hands are wet and slippery. Use it to soften the force of the water output for puppies.
  • Compact spray end to give a great massage while washing your pup.
  • Easy, plug-in GFCI adapter, in case your outlet isn’t protected. After all avoiding accidents with electricity and water is a good thing!
  • Hands free On/Off foot switch. Press once to turn on and keep things running, press again to turn off.

If you are ready to make life a little easier for yourself, you need to try this out.

I test each one as I build it to make sure it works before I ship it out to you.

If you aren’t happy with it, ship it back anytime within 30 days of purchase and get your money back.

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