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Frozen raw food can take the heebee jeebies out of managing this newer kind of feeding plan for your Sheltie. While they may have some minor draw backs, they are certainly head and shoulders above what the usual bag of commercial kibble offers.

Maybe at some point in the future, you’ll be willing to take the leap of faith that you really can feed your Sheltie whole meat and bones. 

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But until then, there are more and more companies offering frozen raw, prepared for you with whatever is needed for good health.

You Have Several Options

Some DO contain grains, so decide what you want and shop accordingly.

Options are frozen raw, freeze-dried raw, and dehydrated raw. 

My personal preferences are prioritized as: 


  • Dehydrated raw food
  • Freeze Dried Raw Food


  • Commercial Raw Frozen Food


  • Whole meat and bone (As if you didn't already know what I'd think). It adds the dimension of chewing to the meal. Good for keeping teeth clean.

Why I prefer whole or frozen raw dog food over freeze dried or dehydrated:

Most of these different types of raw foods you can find in the better pet stores now. But in case you can’t, you can get them online. The ones I have tried and liked are as follows:

The hard part is paying for the shipping.

But ya do what ya gotta do to feed your pups well.

To help people along the path to a healthy diet, I am now offering to make up and package individual raw food meals for your pups in a variety of sizes and different proteins. I'm not shipping so it is for people local to the Near, DE area. You can order online and then pick up in a few days. Stop by my eStore here to see what I have.

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