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Be prepared for housetraining your puppy. The best start is to have the supplies you need before bringing your puppy home.

Get the basics: a Crate w/ Divider a Polar Fleece Pet Blanket an Exercise pen, newspapers, cleaner, 3/8" by 6-Foot leash and 3/8-Inch Collar. If you prefer 3/8" harness , then have that ready.

Oh, yes, and patience… lots and lots of patience.

Let’s get started then….

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Scenario One: House Training Your Puppy While You Go To Work All Day

The system used at Yankee for the newborn to 8 week old litter is something you can easily replicate at home to continue house training.

What I recommend is to use a crate or box large enough for the pup to sleep in. Keep the door open and enclose the crate inside a larger area such as an exercise pen.

Divide the exercise pen into two areas; a play and potty area.

Even easier than the crate and exercise pen, is the 42" x 27" crate with divider. Use wire snippers and cut a hole in the divider to act like a doorway between the area the pup will sleep in and where he will potty. Put the blanket on one side and newspapers on the other. It's totally self contained.

This will allow the pup to follow his natural instinct to keep his “den” area clean by moving to the outer pen area to poo and pee when you are not available to take him out.

While he is bound to make mistakes, he will learn where to potty and where to play, eat and sleep. It's a slower, passive way to house training your puppy.

When you get home, remove soiled papers or incontinent pads in the play area and replace with clean covering. Any soiled spots in the potty area should be covered by a single layer of newspaper to prevent the pup from getting urine or feces on his feet. But don’t pick it up or clean the area.

This is the cheap version of pheromone infused doggie pads.

You could use the disposable  pads with pheromones when house training your puppy but I don’t recommend them since puppies LOVE to shred them and eating the plastic can’t be good. Besides, newspaper is cheaper !

At some point you can change out the newspapers, but leave a few “breadcrumbs” to entice your little one to use this specific area of the pen.

Another idea is to have the “bathroom” furthest away from where you enter the room. Otherwise your Sheltie will race through the mess to greet you before you can cover it up.

When you are home and available, take your Sheltie out to relieve himself frequently to continue house training your puppy.

As the pup gets older, he should use the exercise pen area less and the great outdoors more.

How long will it take, you ask?

A general rule of thumb is that he can hold his urine 1 hr + his age in months (e.g., 1 hr + 4 months old = 5 hrs MAX!) IF he were placed in a very confined crate that he would not want to mess up.

But if he were given enough room to pee without soiling himself, your pup will generally relieve himself much more frequently.

Remember patience!

One day you will realize you are no longer picking up poo and pee. You and your buddy have reached a milestone.

We'll cover SCENERIO TWO here

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