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Get educated on when vaccinations need to be administered. Be prepared for a shock! This page gives you much needed information to keep your puppy safe.

In addition I have another page on dog vaccinations that has links to a variety of documents from veterinary sources on what is considered good vaccine protocol. Some conservative, others not so much.

It’s always been tough for me to keep my head clear about puppy vaccinations. Two opposing camps: traditional vets vs. holistic vets, for and against vaccines.

As I’ve said elsewhere, historically it’s been thought that vaccinations could do no harm and  actually do some good. But like most medicine, human or canine, side effects that manufacturers don’t want to own up to are becoming evident.

It’s obvious that there are significant risk factors. So much so, that even traditional vets are hedging their bets by vaccinating cats on the leg or tail because at least the limb can be amputated when it develops cancer.

That doesn’t sound harmless to me.

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What The Heck Is Going On?

Dogs are developing seizures shortly after being vaccinated. Allergies mysteriously start up, behavioral problems arise.

Being anecdotal, the supporters of vaccinations deny any relation of these issues to vaccines.

I recently had a pup returned to me from an owner who had both rabies and lepto vaccines given on the same day. The owner told me that the pup was sick for 4 days after.

He had diarrhea, lethargy, wouldn’t eat and developed a bout of demodectic mange (an illness triggered by stress in a pup with an immature immune system). Luckily, he rebounded. Hopefully there will be no lasting effects.

Studies are now being performed and are refuting the need for puppy vaccinations, at least to the extent that they have always been given.

Understand there is NO scientific data showing vaccines need to be given as often as they are, it's just something the manufacturer decided.

“Just because”.

Well, “just because” hasn’t worked for me as a reason to do anything since I was about three years old.

puppy vaccinations

Don’t believe me? Ask your vet to show you the scientific studies showing the need for annual vaccinations in dogs. Nope. Nothing, zip, zero, nada.

I am really, really lucky to have found a great vet I can work with.

He may not agree with everything I do, but he doesn’t try to shove twelve million types of drugs into my dogs every time we show up.

I hope all of you out there have someone as good as my vet.

Time For A Change

So, I’m turning over a new leaf.

I’m not stupid,

               I’m not careless,

                                 I’m not uncaring,

                                                    I’m not cheap.

I’m just a breeder who is realizing we have been sold a bill of goods that is not in the best interests of the dogs.

So, as I tell my pack of dogs when they are getting out of control…. E-NOUGH! GRRR!

Here's My Plan For Puppy Vaccinations

sheltie puppy

Based on what I have read, puppy vaccinations before 12 weeks old is a waste. What I know from buyers is that most don’t want to wait ‘til 12 weeks old to take their new puppy home. 

I am giving the new owners options:

  • Give the shot at 8 weeks and take the puppy home
  • take the puppy home at 8 weeks and come back at 12 weeks to get a parvo and distemper vaccinations at no charge.
  •  I'd be happy to keep the pup 'til 12 weeks and then give the vaccine.

For owners who don’t want to come back here but prefer to go to their vet’s office for a shot, PLEASE, for the love of Pete, look at the recommendations for limited puppy vaccinations and not get sucked into the vortex of more, more, more. “7 way puppy vaccinations” are totally uncalled for.

The last thing I want is to have my Shelties get ill but at this point I don’t see vaccines avoiding that.

Those given the vaccine can still get parvo. And those vaccinated dogs that get parvo have a greater chance of dying from it compared to non-vaccinated pups.

So I’m biting the bullet, taking the bull by the horns, or whatever other analogy is appropriate, to make the not-so-popular decision to do what I think is right for the Shelties I keep from any litter:

Vaccination at 16 weeks.

One vaccination of parvo and distemper.

That’s it.

As far as my take on dog vaccinations I continue to rant and rave. 

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