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Among the many benefits your Sheltie will experience is that he will drink much less water. That is because the food has its own “slow release” water system. I am amazed at how dogs “tank up” on water when on dry commercial food. 

To go into a little more depth about this topic, watch this short video:

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Other benefits include better dental hygiene. Feeding whole chunks of animal parts like chicken thighs with the bone in, and recreational bones like lamb shank bones, pork neck bones or beef knuckle bones will keep the teeth clean. No need to brush your Sheltie’s teeth.

Do avoid the large beef shank bones though, as they are so hard as to possibly cause broken teeth.

And by the way, if you’ve checked on the price for a full dental cleaning for your Sheltie, you’ll suddenly feel as if buying meat for this diet is a real bargain.

Remember, however, that ground meat will not give you this benefit of clean teeth. The Sheltie must be able to crunch and gnaw at its food to scrape the teeth naturally.


I can’t remember the last time I had to clean anyone’s ears. They are usually pristine. Just another one of many raw dog food benefits.


My dogs rarely have skin issues. Their coats remain in good condition and rarely need flea/tick or fungus treatment. If they do have a rare problem (as when we first moved here to Delaware), it is taken care of with brief use of medication and then we are done. I do not use flea or tick medication on a routine basis.

I have not seen incessant licking of their paws, hot spots or flakey skin.

Stomach Acid

In order to be able to digest things like whole bone, the digestive juices or acid increases to handle the load. This helps lower the pH a little which is helpful for maintaining acidic urine to keep the bad guys from causing a urinary tract infection.

Shall We Talk About Waste Now?

OK, it isn’t exactly great dinner conversation, but I do have to inject this topic into the discussion at some point. What canines eat eventually makes it out the south end. All of us are familiar with the typical, large, mushy, stinky… well, downright disgusting poop most of them have. I forget how bad it is until I’m exposed to it again. Phew!

When your Sheltie switches to a this diet, after the initial adjustment, the stool becomes small and dry with much less odor. Picking up after him in the backyard may never be fun, but it is much better. And if they eat a pound of meat with bone and only one tenth of that comes out as poop, I figure they’ve gotten some good nutrition.

It also can stimulate those anal glands to prevent getting clogged up because they have to work a little at defecating. (This is a natural thing for a canine to do.) Not one of the more obvious benefits to you, but your pup will thank you for it.

Sometimes the poop is a white color with the extra minerals from the bone that they don’t need, sometimes a darker black color from the fresh blood in the meat (especially when fed the organ meats like kidney or heart).

On an everyday basis this ranks pretty high up on the raw dog food benefits.


My dogs maintain a healthy weight easily. Occasionally when one of the dogs is underweight I add some carbs until they gain a little and eventually move back to the primary meat and bones. Remember a dog needs primarily a protein rich diet. The commercial foods fall short of that. But it's one of the many raw dog food benefits.

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