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Having gotten clipping those scary dog nails out of the way, it’s time to continue the dog grooming instructions by trimming the fur on the feet. 

Get a spray bottle of water or diluted hair conditioner, a pair of shears and a smallslicker brush

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This process of grooming feet, as far as I am aware is pretty generic.

I don't think there are breed specific instructions. Some folks may prefer to use electric clippers on the bottoms of the paws when they trim around the bottom.  

I used to prefer scissors... recently I've started using small clippers to finish up the trim.... never to old to learn new tricks!

OK, so get your clean pup up on a table and let's begin.

Step 1.

Spritz the hair on the feet. It will help the hairs stand up for brushing and trimming.

Step 2.

Brush the coat in the opposite direction that it grows.

Step 3.

Trim any hair standing higher than the majority of coat on the feet.

Give it a nice curve front to back and side to side if you can.

When you are done, gently slip a finger between each toe to brush the coat down to the underside.

Step 4.

On the bottom of the feet, trim the hair between the toes with a scissor so it is level with the pads.

Puppies have especially soft pads so be careful not to accidentally snip them.

Do NOT clip or shave the hair in between the toes. That can be irritating as it grows out.

Do be careful how you are handling your pup's feet.

Sometimes novices get so engrossed with maneuvering the scissors while grooming, that they forget the angle they are holding the feet.

You really don’t want to try to twist the pup's leg off. BE GENTLE.

While he may be squiggly in the beginning, as you continue with your practice over the weeks and months, he will learn to be pretty cooperative.

Close enough for Jazz as an photography instructor of mine used to say.

See that pink coloration to the coat? Probably a fungal growth. You can use any foot antifungal cream, spray or powder. 

You can also go the natural route and use diluted white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and water. Saturate the foot and let it air dry. 

Step 5.

With your thumb under the two front center toes and against the front pads gently press against the pads. This in essence, retracts the toenails allowing you to trim in front of the nails a little more precisely.

Step 6.

If the pads are dry and cracked, apply some sort of pad cream or bag balm is what I use.

No Step 7 to these dog grooming instructions!


Of course, since you are down around the feet, how about the hocks? I'd like to add that easy-peasy tip on how to groom your dog.

Here's a little video on feet and hocks

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