Sheltie Groomer In Newark, Delaware

Let me be your Sheltie groomer. Grooming takes hours and you may not have that kind of available time.  Drop them off dirty, pick them up gorgeous. Problem solved.

Prices for services are here for you to download or print a PDF document: GROOMING PRICES

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But You Like To Groom Your Sheltie, You Say?

Two new services as of August 2023 are:

DIY/Self Service Grooming, where you have access to my equipment and supplies


One on One Sheltie Grooming Class for 3 hrs where we groom your sheltie together so you see how I do things and then you take what you've learned and groom your own sheltie

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"Very pleased with the grooming of my two Shelties. Linda performed beautiful grooming on both. She has a wonderful way with the Shelties. If you have a Sheltie Yankee Shelties is the place to bring them. Her pricing is more than reasonable, and Linda's eye for detail is great. Thank you for making my two girls beautiful. Will be bringing them back for their next grooming."

Respectfully submitted, 

Larry Marchman Sr.

Sheltie getting a bath"Seriously! Could you just get a life and leave me alone? I don't need no stinkin' bath!"

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