Only Sheltie Boarding Going On Here

It started out as a Sheltie boarding alternative for people who had purchased one of my puppies and who are already familiar with me and my environment. Then I figured, why be an elitist? Any Sheltie is welcome here regardless of their origin.

I also want to be clear that this is simply my home, no extravagant boarding facilities here. No lavish “suites”, just me, my home and my pack. Someday it may be lavish but not yet.

FTC required Disclaimer: I receive commissions for purchases made through commercial links on this website in addition to selling from my own eStore.

Home-Style Dog Boarding

Unlike other boarding places, there are also no “planned activities”, no “staff”. Just your normal everyday routine.  We have quiet times and play times and snack times but nothing written in stone.

On nice days the Shelties (yours and mine) will be out together in the fenced back yard to play, brought in periodically for a rest, then back out as their energy level and the weather dictates.

They will be one big happy pack.

IF I have to go out for a short time, your Sheltie will be confined primarily for their safety, to a 2 ft x 4 ft indoor kennel right next to my pack and if kenneling is what they are used to at bedtime as well. Otherwise they are out and about with my guys in the house or backyard. Since I'm now retired, 99% of the time they never see the kennels.

Originally, when I first moved here, the kennels were in the basement. I since have found it easier and nicer to bring them upstairs to a room on the main level. 

kennel area

Need a Kennel like these?

The kennel for sale below is twice as wide, so the final size is 4 ft wide x 4 xft long by 5 ft high.

Minimal Vaccination Kennel

Unlike many other boarding kennels, I believe in minimal vaccinations. So other than the legally required rabies vaccination, I’m not looking for you to have current bordetella, parvo, influenza or any of the other vaccinations.

But understand that you will be exposing your Shelties to my minimally vaccinated dogs. Not that I would ever accept a Sheltie for boarding if I thought one of mine was ill, but consider this a disclaimer.

I also have no restrictions as to whether your Sheltie is intact or spayed/neutered. I have multiple intact males and they all get along just fine.

Just let me know if your girl has gone into heat so I can keep her segregated. (Not that my guys wouldn’t announce it as soon as she arrived!)

I’d be happy to feed whatever food you prefer, administer medications, or provide grooming services at the usual cost before you pick up your pooch if you wish.

Sheltie Boarding Price

After researching the prices charged in this area, I opted for the low end of the spectrum, because as I said, no luxury facility here, just my home.

Overnight Dog Boarding: $25/night

Credit Cards Accepted.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a ring at 302-668-5064 or send an email

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Just Need Daycare?

If you are looking to find a place where your pup can stay for the day and play with other shelties while you go to work... well, I do that too! For a little more info on daycare, click here.

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