Dog Daycare Exclusively For Shelties

I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the dog daycare facilities springing up everywhere. Talk about five star digs!

That is nothing like what I'm offering here for sure. This is just my home, with the Shelties I raise, show and breed. This service arises (as did the boarding service here) from what I see as a need for minimal vaccination options for Shelties, and a place for similar sized and similar temperamented (is that even a word?) dogs to hang out together.

It also makes for some nice informal socialization.

I'm located in Newark, Delaware.

My pack and I would like to welcome other Shelties for a day of fun, zoomies, and getting a little dirt under the toenails and on the nose!

This is not the place for boring leash walks and being kenneled for hours at a time. It’s outside in the fenced backyard on nice days, in for a siesta in the middle of the day if it’s hot, and back out again if it cools off (or a siesta in the shade if it’s not hot).

Basically, where my guys go, yours will too.

A little Frisbee, a little fetch, maybe gnawing on a real bone if you like and then a bunch of free time to be…. OMG, a DOG! 

Hopefully, after a day of that, you will have a chilled out, happy dog to take home. (Albeit a tad dirtier from the romp outside)

THIS Would Do The Trick...

Grooming is certainly possible, but that would cut into his playtime by 2-3 hours, so keep that in mind.  

As I said in the beginning, this is a place for minimally vaccinated dogs. Mine only get the legally required rabies, so there is a certain risk factor you have to be comfortable with. But as always, I wouldn't accept any dog should any of mine be ill. 

The specifics of when I'm available...? Well, you can drop off as early as you like and pick up whenever you get home. Just let me know when we set up the appointment.

Overnight boarding and grooming are additional services.

Rates And Availability of Sheltie Dog Daycare

Give me a call at 302 668 5064.

Rate: $15 per day.

Credit Cards Accepted

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