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You’re bringing your new pup home! Take some free advice with you when you go.There will also be many new adjustments for the both of you in the coming weeks and months ahead, so have a plan for how to handle it.

In order to make the start of your journey together as easy as possible, I'd like to offer some information that may be helpful to you.

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Of course, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” As they say. (Hmm, bad analogy?)

Perhaps you have some puppy advice of your own on how to acclimate a new family member to your home. Please share!

Every one is different and what works for one may not work for another. We all can learn something new.

What The Breeder Does

Here at Yankee Shelties, every effort is made so that this major change is as trauma-free as possible, starting with the Super Puppy Exercises.

In addition, socialization has already begun and should continue when you bring your new Sheltie home.

new puppy dog

Please get acquainted with the various stages of socialization as they are important to understand.

Your pup has also begun getting used to separation from the litter for short periods of time in the last few days.

Potty Training was started around week 3.

You will hopefully have items necessary to insure that bringing your new buddy home is more about enjoying your new addition to the family than worrying how to handle the daily routine.

Two basics are a collar and a leash. 

You only need a 3/8" wide collar for a Sheltie puppy.

You need a leash, also only 3/8" wide and that should work for the lifetime of the dog.

For the love of Pete, PLEASE, DO NOT buy a retractable leash they are dangerous. They may seem handy at first but they can cause a great deal of trauma to both people and dogs. People tend to forget to lock it when the dog gets out of control and begins to wrap around legs and fingers and such.

That narrow cord is great at lacerating skin, muscle and tendons.

And if you ever drop the handle on the ground, chances are it will scare your Sheltie. Then the sound will continue and follow her as she bolts away, trying to escape the mean "monster" chasing her.

Important Puppy Advice: Socialize!

Even though you may opted to do minimal vaccinations as I do, (Good for you!!!) it is important not to be afraid to take your puppy outside and into town for short periods of time. Getting exposed to different germs little by little is the natural way to build a good immune system.

WE have become so dependent on pharmacuticals for everything, we forget our bodies can do a better job more times than not.

If you have questions after bringing your Shetland Sheepdog home, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always happy to help. But hopefully, these pages related to the first few weeks will be enough to do the trick. 

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