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Eyes, Ears, Teeth, Nails & Skin Treatments

Tag Holders

Hate tag noise?

The Peace Tag is a unique dog tag cover that protects your dog's tags while keeping them silent (and “peace”ful).  Reducing tag noise is very helpful for any dog owner who is bothered by noisy metal dog tags as they clank against water and food bowls, just to name a few times this tag holder could come in handy. Plus, these dog care products are a fashion accessory that is both durable and stylish!

  • Constructed of durable nylon material
  • Designed with a full lining for extra durability
  • Features a beautiful embroidered Paw Print
  • Fits up to three dog tags securely
  • Choose from a variety of colors
  • Size: 2 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, 1/4 inch in depth
  •  Machine washable, gentle cycle, hang dry
  • Slip Collars

    Used traditionally in Obedience and the Show Ring, these collars are effective in keeping just about any dog from slipping out of their collar and in keeping control of an unruly dog. Comes in a variety of lengths and link size. While I prefer the metal chain link, others prefer the softer nylon version. You have your choice here. The nylon slip collars have matching braided leashes.

    How do I measure my dog for a slip collar?
    Measure around the largest part of your dog's head, then add 2 inches. Select the chain size that is equal to or larger than this measurement.

    Buckle Collars and Matching Leashes

    Some common dog care products include your typical adjustable buckle collar and matching leashes. This set of collars were chosen because of their small size which is sometimes hard to find for sheltie puppies.

    Lupine Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

    One of the two brands I really like are Lupine. Aside from their fun patterns, they have an extraordinary guarantee that most dog care products would not offer: 

    GUARANTEED (Even if chewed) means Lupine will replace any Lupine brand pet gear that has been accidentally damaged during normal pet-related activities, even chewing accidents!

    The guarantee does not cover products which are:

    • Lost
    • Outgrown
    • Simply dirty or stinky
    • Exhibiting normal wear and tear
    • Damaged intentionally or through neglect

    They reserve the right to limit the number of free replacements when there is excessive use or abuse of the guarantee.

    Upon receiving your request, they will mail an identical replacement of the item within 2-3 business days. If the color or design is retired, they’ll ask you to choose a new one.

    No receipt needed, it’s that simple!

    How To Request A Replacement:

    Online EZ Return 

    Simply submit your request thru their EZ Return Form. You will need a well lit photo showing the entire product (or what is left of it) with the damage clearly visible.

    To begin the process, visit their EZ Return Form.


    • adjustable with quick clip. 
    • Custom designed side quick-release YKK® buckles
    • Welded steel D-ring for ID tags and easy leash attachment
    • Durable woven nylon designs, never printed - machine & hand washable


    • Durable dog leash. Our ½” width for small dogs feature a lightweight, traditional trigger snap.
    • Ultra-soft padded handle for comfort while walking even the strongest of pullers
    • Simple, secure snap for easy D-ring attachment. Built-in swivel resists twisting
    • Welded steel hardware
    • Strong, durable woven nylon webbing


    A single buckle over the shoulders makes for easy on and off. Adjustable straps at the front, back and sternum ensure a perfect fit. 

    • Easy to use wrap around style keeps pressure off the throat making walks more enjoyable and safer!
    • Welded steel hardware
    • Strong, soft woven nylon webbing

    Note: Leash attaches to both D-rings. Harnesses are a very effective walking and training tool, they should never be left on an unattended pet. 

    • Durable, Lasting Webbing - Originally designed for climbing and hiking gear. Designs are woven in and will never wear off!
    • Convenient, Strong Buckle - Lupine Pet and YKK, the leading buckle manufacturer, have come together to design the highest quality, strongest plastic buckle on the market. Designed specifically with dogs in mind and featuring an easy, convenient side release.
    • Heavy-Duty Steel D-Rings and O-Rings - LupinePet’s welded steel D-rings and O-rings are rust resistant and designed to hold up to years of heavy use.
    • Stitching – Every Fiber Matters - Lupine utilizes the bar tack commonly used in mountain climbing products where superior strength is crucial.
    • Adjustable, Easy-to-Use Tri-Glides - The non-slip teeth molded into the nylon plastic tri-glides keep the harness at the correct size.

    Yellow Dog Design Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

    My other favorite brand is Yellow Dog Design. The patterns are just awesome.I get vicarious enjoyment from buying inventory for you to choose something that fits your pup's personality or the holiday season. Time to celebrate with a little bling. 

    Food Supplements

    Even on a raw diet, some supplements make sense.

    Seaweed Blend

    Kennel & House Cleaning

    Miscellaneous Supplies

    Gently Used Dog Care Products

    FTC required Disclaimer: I receive commissions for purchases made through commercial links on this website in addition to selling from my own eStore. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

    Additional Sources for Dog Care Products

    For Fleas & Ticks

    Those damn fleas. My dogs don't get fleas often but when they do it is something that needs to be addressed ASAP. I use a philosophy of less is better when it comes to chemicals, so I start off with just a regular old shampoo. And if drowning those suckers with soapy water doesn't do it after a bath or two, I escalate my attack. This DeFlea shampoo is interesting... it is made of the stuff that colace (an oral human stool softener medication) is made of. It's action is to soften the flea's ectoskeleton, thereby killing it on contact. And it does. 

    I've watched fleas die and then kinda melt onto the dog's white coat. Rinsing washes it away, but it is fascinating to watch. (Maybe more information than you needed?)

    The shampoo has no residual effect meaning that once the dog is outside again, a flea can jump on it and live to tell the tale. But residual means a stronger chemical, hence my use of it first.

    This shampoo is a very thin liquid. DO NOT DILUTE IT. PUT IT ON A DRY DOG. DO NOT WET THE DOG FIRST.  That means, having a long haired, double coated dog, you'll be using a lot of it. I have not used the yard spray yet, but if I need to, I'll give it a try. 

    If the DeFlea doesn't do the trick, this Adams Plus shampoo has Precor which means not only does it kill fleas, it has  Insect Growth Regulator which provides 28 days of control of pre-adult fleas before they become biting adult. One summer I used it with pretty good results but had to resort to using the spray in between baths. While it helped, it didn't eradicate the problem altogether.

    Soooo, when it looks like all hope is gone, an all out assault on all fronts at the same time are required. Be prepared for a long day. 1) Spray the yard. 2) Bathe the dog(s) 3) BOMB THE HOUSE!!!! (This requires you and your dogs to leave the house for about 4 hrs) When I bomb my small 1200 square foot ranch home, I use 3 bombs on the main floor and 3 in the full unfinished basement. When you set the cans to spray, run like hell out of the house and take the animals with you!!!. 

    The fogger I listed has worked well for me, especially since you don't have to worry about turning off pilot lights etc. Who needs to worry about accidentally blowing up your house because of a fogger?


    These are about the only shears you would need to do any trimming of a sheltie's coat.

    Take Care of Those Teeth

    Dental care is a recently coming to the forefront of canine care. People always ask me what I use for my dogs. Because they are on a raw food diet and also get raw knuckle bones to chew recreationally, their teeth are usually pretty good. No one in my pack has inflamed gums from build up of tartar. However, if there is a small amount of tartar it usually is the canines that I can easily scale off manually. 

     I have not used anything other than the manual scaler, and just recently started using the electric toothbrush with the polishing cup on the dogs just to raise the bar on their care a little.

    Household Needs for Dog Owners

    The following items aren't so much dog care products as they are home care products but they are relevant to any dog owner.

    I have a review page on the Neato Robotic Vacuum that explains my experience with it.

    The pressure washer is something I use out in the breezeway and the walkway out the back as well as to power wash kennel panels and does the trick at a very reasonable cost. 

    Additional Food Supplements

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