The Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

This was truly a luxury item for me, but one that I absolutely ADORE! Why? Because I loathe, loathe, loathe housekeeping.  It’s a necessary but boring task.

After much research in the various manufacturers of automatic robotic vacuum cleaners I chose this manufacturer and haven’t looked back.

Previously I had to rely on a shop vac to get all the hair and dirt up. No normal vacuum seemed to hold up.

This wonderful robotic vacuum cleaner is as helpful and necessary as a dishwasher is to me.

Once you have one, it’s tough to remember life before it. Which is why I decided to write this review.

Just as an FYI, my house is primarily the washable, vinyl “wood panel” flooring with a few throw rugs and approximately 1250 square feet. (Can you tell I live with multiple mutts?)

lots of shelties lined up

Review Of The Good Things About The Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Unlike other robotic vacuum cleaners the Neato has its own GPS. Scary but true. Instead of being a bumper car with no real pattern to its cleaning, it turns around in a circle to get the lay of the land first. Then it heads off to do its thing while I do my chores.
  • You can schedule each day of the week for a specific time as well as ask it to spot clean for you.
  • If the brush gets clogged it stops running and beeps. The screen tells you want you need to do.
  • Cleaning off the roller is quick and easy. The model I initially bought had rubber blades or flappers, rather than bristle brushes. I then bought a "pet brush" that is half rubber flappers and half bristle brushes just to see the difference. Normally the bristles grab hair and wrap it so tight, you have to spend most of your time disassembling the vacuum to clean the roller. Not something I’m fond of. While the Neato roller with half bristles wraps hair around it more than the flapper-only type, it is so darn easy to remove the brush and cut the hair off, it really is no bother.
  • Cleaning out the dirt receptacle is quick and easy.
  • There are replaceable air filters.
  • When the robotic vacuum runs low on juice it goes back to its charger, scooches its butt up against the connectors (really kinda cute the way it does that) and gets recharged. When it has had its nap and is ready to go again, it finds where it left off and continues from there. It takes two trips to get my entire 1250 floor space vacuumed.
  • It is robust enough to go over lower door thresholds. Sometimes I leave the back door open so the pups can go in and out at will. It has hopped over the threshold and I have found it happily vacuuming the ramp to the backyard.  Nice, but really, Neato, not necessary!

Review Of The Not So Good Features

  • On occasion, a little dementia sets in. The Neato may not be able to find its way out of a particularly hard spot and will stop and beep. The screen will ask to “please clear my path”, which I do, but sometimes it just keeps going back to the same problem area and getting stuck. But that is very infrequent. I just take it back to the recharging station and the next day, it is is just fine with getting around everywhere.
  • While it will clean the few area rugs I have, the one black one (what was I thinking with pounds of dog hair!) is too scary for the Neato to traverse. It doesn’t like dark rugs because the sensors think it is an edge (as in stairways) that it can fall off.
  • It isn’t perfect . I still take a Swiffer and quickly run under the baseboard heaters that the machine can’t get under. But that takes all of a minute and a half for me.

It saves me so much time and more importantly, aggravation, I suggest you try it. My new best friend, the Neato robotic vacuum cleaner even gave me time to write this review!

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