by john poulton
(Hamden Ct)



We got Brody at 9 weeks, a day after our female sheltie, Kelsey had to be put down at 10 because of cancer, My wife was devastated.

I always keep track of who in Ct. has sheltie pups ready. or future. I told my wife, I was going to check out a breeder who had 3 male puppies, but was just going to look and check out the breeder not buy,,My wife was still reeling from the loss of Kelsey said she needed time,, I brought my checkbook along though. I know Sheltie puppies don't last long and it would be hard to not buy one of these adorable puppies when they are crawling all over you for attention. I couldn't resist,, I had to get one of them.

I brought Brody home that afternoon and handed him to my wife at the door. Best thing I could of done, he helped her with her grief of losing Kelsey and he is a gem of dog,, the Vet even said he is an exceptional dog, he is now almost 4 year old. My wife is in love with him, calls him her baby boy,,

I'm jealous.

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