Is A Dog Afraid Of Thunder Living With You?

Shelties can experience noise phobias among other fears. Over the years I have used several products that are purported to reduce stress of one sort or another.

These are products that many people swear by.

The thundershirt uses compression to offer relief from anxiety.

This whole issue of compression seems to work well for a variety of animals not just canines.

dog afraid of Thunder & lightning

At any rate, my biggest recommendation in the context of a Sheltie afraid of thunder or any noise for that matter, is to NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE PHYSICAL ABILITY OF A PUP TO ESCAPE WHEN IT IS AFRAID.

When you can’t train away a bad reaction, at least manage the situation by protecting your Sheltie from harm.

The best option I can offer you that does work for me is to crate train your pup. A crate is good as long as the Sheltie can stand and turn around comfortably. No, my guys don’t live in crates, but they go in one when necessary. And eventually, you will need one.

dog afraid of loud noises
dog crate for securing dog afraid of loud noises

The Fourth of July is one holiday that produces quite a few lost canines because they bolt in fear.

Summer thunderstorms are not only a noise stressor, but a dog afraid of thunder may also be reacting to the change in barometric pressure. The need to find a safe haven away from the sounds and perceived dangers is a strong motivator for any scared animal.

So, plan for the event by providing a safe, secure place that minimizes the sounds and is inescapable for your Sheltie.

Putting your Sheltie in the back yard is not good enough. The sound will be at its loudest there and he will be able to spend time digging under, climbing or leaping over fences.

Fireworks terrify pets

My second biggest recommendation is that your presence can make it easier on him. Keep him on a leash with you to control the amount of pacing or put him in the crate next to you if necessary. Read a good book or watch TV to occupy yourself while keeping him company.

While we all want to extend our sympathy to any creature fearful or in pain, don’t coddle your puppy. Be there, offer support, but don’t feed into the fear.

If you act as if there is something to be afraid of, that just reinforces your Sheltie's behavior. Adopt the “WOW, how cool it THAT!” attitude about thunder and the “Hey, you’re OK” approach can go a long way in managing fear of thunder and fireworks.

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