Do You Microchip Your Sheltie?

Let’s say your pup gets lost. A microchip helps get him home.

Let’s say he gets stolen. Microchipping helps to determine who owns him at least in the state of Delaware. In most states there is no way to "prove" you own a dog other than a removable dog license tag. Sad but true.   

Also, put the chip number on his AKC registration application. Then there is no confusion about the identity of the pup nor ownership.

Why Use AKC Reunite Microchip?

There are as many different companies as Carter has liver pills. (Wow, that’s an old saying!) Several of my pups have different chips.

I settled on AKC’s Reunite brand for one basic reason. It has a lifetime enrollment. There is no yearly subscription to be paid for the basic plan. I hate having to pay for subscriptions to anything.

So once you pay for the chip and register him, it’s done. Nothing else to think about.

You can change your contact information anytime, online or by phone as often as necessary for a small fee.

Why Register?

Implanting without registering the microchip will do little. Registering it will link your pup to your name, telephone numbers, emergency contacts, etc. in Reunite’s database. 

The 24/7 toll-free Line is included with every microchip enrolled with Reunite.

There are no annual fees and additional fees to speak with a live microchip expert.

Microchip to get your dog back

When your pup is found and Reunite is contacted by whomever caught your pup, the Reunite people will send you a text, an email and begin calling the phone numbers you provided on registration. 

If you can’t be reached, they will contact any alternate contacts you listed.

Yankee Shelties would be happy to be an alternate contact if you wish. I want my / your puppy to be safe.

The microchip folks also give you the location of where your wayward hound is.

Upgrades to the Basic Plan

Lost Pet Alert Complete

For an additional fee this includes:

  • The lifetime enrollment
  • They will also send Lost Pet Alert email broadcasts to participating veterinarians, shelters and pet lovers in the area your pup was last seen so they can be on the lookout for your lost pet.
  • Online tools to customize your pet's profile with its picture, medical information and more.
  • Plus, you can create and print Lost Pet Alert posters to help you quickly spread the word to neighbors that your pet is missing.
  • Only available in the 50 United States and Washington D.C.

Pet Poison Hotline

For an additional fee this includes:

  • This subscription provides immediate treatment advice from animal health experts around the clock, seven days a week.
  • This life-saving service is a superior supplement to your vet's professional expertise. Experts will walk you through recommended steps to treat your pet and are also available to discuss the case with you or your veterinarian as needed.
  • Once registered, access is easy... just call Reunite's hotline at 800-252-7894. After your pet's subscription to this service is verified, you will be connected with Pet Poison Helpline.

With All that Being Said...

Dog thieves are now surgically removing the microchip after they steal a dog

So you have to ask yourself, just how effective is having microchip anymore. 

Other Options

If you don't like the idea of using an implant, there is always the external GPS monitors for you to help locate your pup. It attached to any collar and you track your dog on your mobile phone.

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