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Papaya Seed is one of the many foods that can rid the body of internal parasites. 

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We have all become so dependent on the pharmaceutical companies developing synthetic drugs to combat any problem, we forget that most of the compounds created began with a natural substance.  

There are few, if any, studies are done on natural foods to prove their effectiveness on humans, and even fewer on canines.

Because of this, there is a need for a certain amount of extrapolation when deciding if something will be effective for your Sheltie.

I rule out a lot more foods than many other folks because I have other issues besides getting rid of intestinal parasites.

I have pregnant, lactating bitches, fertility concerns, litters of very young pups, etc. So some of these foods may be suitable for you, if not for me in maintaining your their health.

How To Use Papaya Seed

There has been a small study showing that this seed is rather effective of ridding the human intestines of roundworms and amoebas.  It requires approximately 2 tablespoons to be crushed and taken for seven consecutive days.

Because it is rather bitter or peppery in taste, it was mixed with honey. (“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…”  Sing it, baby! J)

In this study, 60 children with intestinal parasites were treated and after the seven day treatment, 75% were cleared of intestinal worms without any side effects. 

Considering the safety with children I would feel comfortable giving 2 tablespoons to a Sheltie for 7 days. I would then repeat in 2-3 weeks since the reproductive cycle of worms is about that length of time.

However, I have not been able to find any source to purchase this supplement. So it would require buying the fresh fruit, air drying, crushing, and then mixing it in food. That is a little labor intensive for me with my pack.

Not to mention I’d have to consume large quantities of the fruit in order to get enough papaya seed for my entire kennel or I’d have to waste a lot of expensive fruit.

Add to that the possibility of anti-fertility actions and I will leave this supplement’s ability to kill worms to those who do not breed.

If, however, anyone out there finds a source for dried, ground seeds that I can point interested folks towards, that would be greatly appreciated by them as well as me.

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