Sheltie Puppies From Past Litters

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When first born, these little guys are anywhere from 6-9 oz generally. At least for me. They are smooth coated, with eyes and ears still sealed shut. They look more like mice or hamsters than puppies. 

sheltie puppies

As they mature their coat grows a little longer but still pretty smooth. When their eyes open, they don't always have that melt your heart expression.

Actually, some of them look down right pissed off. Kinda like the little guy just below, don't cha think?

They still prefer their dam's attention to mine, which isn't surprising at that age.

sheltie puppy

At three weeks they are moving about beginning to explore their new world. By Five weeks they look and act like puppies. By eight weeks they are irresistible!

sable shelties playing

Looking and Acting Like REAL Sheltie Puppies!

One of these dudes has decided to take a flying leap... literally!

sheltie puppies playing outside
cute sable sheltie
Sheltie puppy in bowl

This little fellow was protesting being incarcerated. And what a racket he made! He has since turned into a beautiful boy with springs on his feet and energy to spare. Wish I could bottle it.

His coloring is called sable merle, which is not too common as it is difficult to show dogs with this coat color and win. If they are born with blue eyes it is considered a disqualification. Not that it affects their sight or health, just a conformation "thing".

An Adorable Sheltie From Far Far Away. Too Cute To Resist!

sheltie pup sleeping
tricolor sheltie in grass
tricolor sheltie on bike
tri color sheltie in bike basket
tricolor sheltie on bike

Yankee Shelties Living In Their New Homes

At 8 weeks or older, they go to their new homes and I look forward to photos sent by their families. Occasionally one will stay with me while their family vacations and it gives me the opportunity to see what I've actually accomplished (or not) with my breeding program.

Sometimes there is the fun playdate where a bunch of us get together. 

pups playing
pack of sheltie pups


sable sheltie in moms arms


boy sheltie with owner

Penny leading her younger brothers and sisters on a chase

They are each such individuals in look and personality, but for the most part I am happy with the results. I hope you enjoy these photos of Sheltie puppies from Yankee Kennels.




shetland sheepdog in costume


Dawkins sable sheltie

These three lovely pups now belong to Deb P. She has Lance flying on the dogwalk, Emma in the weave poles and Brody zooming through the tunnel.

sable sheltie on dogwalk
blue merle sheltie in agility tunnel



blue merle sheltie


Toby with Bella

Toby 7 months old


blue merle sheltie
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