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In these uncertain times, "buyer beware" has never been more true if you want to find a puppy;

Conversely, responsible hobby breeders are being indiscriminately lumped together with "puppy mills";

The news tells of armed invasions and confiscation of a person's dogs by government agencies and extremist animal activists that occur without proper legal search and seizure protocol;  

It's a scary world for someone who does what I do. So finding any reasonable way to communicate who I am, what I do, and how I value my Shetland Sheepdogs is important. 

I know there are people out there who house their dogs in abominable conditions or abuse and neglect them. While those people do deserve to lose the right to continue that behavior, not everyone who breeds dogs should be considered the devil incarnate.

Which is why I share these lovely testimonials

They are from people who know me, my dogs and the conditions in which they live.

It makes me feel as if i can keep doing what I do in a joyfully uneventful manner.

I hate drama. I hate politics. I love my dogs. 

“Always a great experience at Yankee Shelties. Excellent grooming services.”

Claire Fegley 

July 2015

Piper is 7 months today. She is a joy and very much loved. You have wonderful dogs!

Lori Brown

March 2015

My new puppy, Betty, is a joy and I could not be happier with my experience with Yankee Shelties.  Linda, the owner, truly loves working with Shelties and it shows in the happy, healthy puppies and dogs she breeds and sells.  

Linda encouraged me to meet the puppies at an early age and to play with them often before making a decision.  She assured me that I would know which puppy was “the one” and that I should not feel pressure to select a puppy if I did not feel a connection to a particular one.  

I chose Betty because of her personality and beautiful markings.  She is smart, playful and absolutely gorgeous! I definitely took home “the one.”  

Yankee puppies are crate trained and it is an easy transition from breeder to home. Betty slept through the night her first night home and has continued to be happy and content.

One great thing about Linda is that she shares in your joy with your puppy.  

Yankee Shelties also offers home style daycare which has enabled Betty to spend the day playing with her mom and grand mom.  Overnight boarding is also available.  

My experience with Yankee Shelties moved my daughter to select a puppy from the most recent litter.  She is in the visiting stage and called me last night to tell me that she falls more in love with her puppy, CB, on each visit.  

Believe me, you can depend on Yankee Shelties!

Claire Lynam Fegley, Newark, DE

Dec 2014

"We are from New Jersey, but drove down to Delaware to have Linda give the full spa treatment to both of our Shelties, Maverick and Spirit.  I cannot tell you how great they both looked when they were done.  

Linda spent an entire day working on the two boys, but it was worth it.  Having his winter undercoat brushed out made Maverick look pounds lighter.  And Spirit simply looked gorgeous.  

We received so many compliments from people in the neighborhood and the local park about how good they looked every time we walked them.  

We highly recommend Yankee Shelties for your Shetland Sheepdog grooming needs.  We definitely will be back again."

Joseph and Barb Romano

"Bindi and I would like to offer our hearty endorsement of Miss Linda and Yankee Shelties.  Bindi is a smart, healthy, and obviously, happy dog.  Bindi's litter was beautiful and Linda kept us updated about her until we took possession when she was eight weeks old. 

When we got Bindi, Linda gave us a transitional food supply and told us what we needed to know about her raw diet (which we have chosen to continue). 

The puppy had already had her initial vet visit when we picked her up. 

Our local vet had high praises for her appearance and health when she saw the puppy a few days after we brought her home.  If I get the chance to have another sheltie, I will be calling Yankee Shelties."

Paula B., Serling, VA

"I am an owner of a sheltie from Yankee Shelties.  I want to start by saying I am very impressed on how Linda Medero at Yankee Shelties loves her dogs and how she raises her puppies to be healthy outstanding dogs.  She is one of the most caring people I know when it comes to animals of any kind.  Her program is wonderful,

I have had other dogs from other breeders I was not happy with.  

Linda is so caring and kind to all her dogs and puppies, she thinks of them as her own even after they have gone to new homes. When the puppies are grown they all love to come back to see her. I leave my sheltie with Linda when I go on vacation because I know she will be well taken care of.  

Linda does not have a mean bone in her body; she has never hit or mistreated any of her dogs.  I live right across the street and I love all animals also so if I ever saw anyone mistreating an animal I would be the first to call the authorities." 

Brenda Zappo, Newark, DE

"I'm not lucky enough to share my home with a Yankee Sheltie, but I have learned a tremendous amount about the history, temperament, and care of these wonderful dogs from Linda Medero.

I began corresponding with Linda about three years ago when I started my search for a Sheltie.  I found her website and kennel information (then located in Oregon) using a web search.  She responded to my questions promptly and thoroughly.  Her knowledge about health and care of dogs is immense, as is her willingness to share.

Timing prevented me from adopting a Yankee Sheltie before Linda and her kennel re-located to the east (puppies aren't widgets, and they aren't always available on a timeline that works for people, alas), but I did have the very good fortune to meet Linda and some of her dogs in person before her move. 

The dogs are wonderful; healthy, bright, well cared for and groomed, well socialized and clearly loved and cared for.  Linda continues to check in with me and provide me with helpful suggestions and resources, even though my beloved pup isn't one of 'hers'.

In short, she's a lovely person whose knowledge about Shetland Sheepdogs is surpassed only by her love of the breed and her care and concern for the welfare of dogs - whether or not they come from her kennel."

Nicole C., Portland, Oregon

"It is with a warm heart that I write about my experience with Yankee Shelties. After suddenly losing our beloved Sheltie way too young (only 8 years old) last November, I found myself desperately searching for a reputable breeder to quickly add a new pup to our family. My first conversation with Linda led me to an awareness of her tenderness, compassion and love for Shelties.

I had previously learned (from experience with a different breeder) that pictures posted to websites are not always an accurate depiction of the puppies available. When I arrived at Yankee Shelties, I could not have been happier.

Linda allowed us to see ALL the pups AND the parents! I was able to see their interaction with one another and watch the bond formed between the pups and their moms (canine and human).

Linda took time to talk with us about their habits, preventive medical care and their nutrition. I was immediately assured that this was the breeder for me and my sheltie puppy, Peroni was coming home with me.

A year later, I fight the temptation to buy another Yankee Sheltie. Not because I need another dog, but because they are so irresistible and Linda is such a remarkable woman and breeder! We couldn't love Peroni any more than we do! Seeing pictures from birth with weekly updates allows buyers to watch their little ones grow until they can take them home.

For me, Yankee Shelties is TOPS!!!"

Kimberly F., Clarks Summit, PA 

"I am a longtime Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) owner and obviously lover of the breed.  I had bought my previous Shelties (four over three decades) from different breeders and was quite happy with these pets, all of whom had long, happy lives.

However, I must say, buying my last two Shelties, now almost nine months old, from Yankee Shelties was the most rewarding experience I have had in purchasing pets and it continues to be so.  

Linda Medero, the owner of Yankee Shelties and breeder of these wonderful dogs, is responsible, loving and knowledgeable.  I contacted her when my last two Shelties died and told her I was looking for new puppies.  I was impressed with the care Linda took in making sure I was a loving and responsible dog owner worthy of her pups.

She had me visit the puppies from an early age (she encourages visits as a method of socializing the pups) until the day they were old enough to come home with us.

At Yankee Shelties, I was able to see and interact with my puppies' parents, both dam and sire.  I was able to judge their personalities which is so important.  

Care was taken to provide me with several test results of the parents routinely requested by Yankee Shelties to determine the chances of any genetic issues with the new puppies.  Those included studies included tests for hip, eye and drug interactions.  

I bought my puppies, a brother and sister, knowing that they were from "great stock" and bred in a loving environment. 

The puppies are house raised, handled, played with and loved by Linda until the day they leave for their new homes.  It does not stop there, however.  She arranges play dates on occasion so the pups can see their local siblings and other "friends".

Since I live at a short distance that is commutable to Yankee Shelties, I have taken my pups back for Linda's excellent grooming services.  They are truly the finest, most loving and most well-adjusted Shelties I have ever had.  I highly recommend Yankee Shelties for those that want the best in Shelties!"

Joan W., Newark, DE

"I first heard of Yankee Shelties through the recommendation of my local vet after the sudden loss of my sheltie sidekick of 11 years.  A brand new litter of puppies had just been born and Linda welcomed me into her home to sit with the pups to help lift my spirits. 

I am very happy to say that one of those pups became my loving companion.  One year later – I have added yet another Yankee Sheltie to my family!

Linda is an incredibly loving and responsible breeder.  She makes certain that every one of her pups finds the right home.  I am in contact with her constantly to pick her brain and learn more from her about the breed! 

Both of my dogs literally jump for joy when they know we are going to Yankee Shelties for a visit – or even an overnight stay!

I cannot recommend Yankee Shelties any more highly!"

Steve G., Newark, DE

Thanks to all you wonderful people who took the time to write such kind testimonials. I have been fortunate to become friends with many of my puppies' new families and the ongoing connection is very rewarding.


Linda Medero

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