You're Awesome! I Love Your Contract!

by Secret Admirer who stumbled across your page

While I don't own a Yankee Sheltie, I'm keeping you on my list of top breeders I would like to get my puppy from in the future. Too many dogs get rehomed or end up in shelters because of life changing events or because they no longer want the dog anymore.

I only wanted to leave you this message to THANK YOU for creating your CONTRACT. I can tell you genuinely love your dogs and your puppies.

The world needs more responsible breeders like you... unlike those backyard breeders who want to make fast cash and not care if the parents are treated like trash or their pups who end up with parvo because they were too cheap to vaccinate them.

Hats off to you for preventing irresponsible people from suddenly giving up their dogs by binding them with your contract.

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Thanks So Much!
by: Yankee Shelties

I appreciate your comments and understanding of the contract.

In this day and age, when animal rights fanatics have convinced much of the general public that ALL breeders are bad, it's nice to know someone is willing to research and form their own opinions on each breeder.

At this point in time, a recent study has shown that of all the dogs in shelters, 95% are mixed breeds, not purebreds as the radical animal rights would have you believe. My job as a breeder is to make sure that none of my dogs are part of the remaining 5%. It would break my heart to think of them dumped into the system.

On the owner's end, sometimes life gets in the way and situations become too difficult to manage with a dog. I like to think I am the safety net for them as well.

Giving owners an option where they know the dog will be welcome and well cared for no matter what, can help them move on from a painful decision. After all, a dog should be a joy and a pleasure, not a burden to be managed.

The huge financial penalty to owners for not bringing a dog back to me as well as the lifetime refund guarantee makes it clear from the get-go that I'm serious about them being returned to me if they are unwanted by owners at any point in time, for any reason.

Again, thank you for your kind words.

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