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Want to get rid of giardia and coccidia naturally? Recently I found a wonderfully easy home remedy to combat these parasites. It’s with coconut oil.

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I really couldn’t find any side effects from coconut oil and use it as often as possible in the pups’ diet.

I feel it is safe enough to use when I wean my litters of Sheltie puppies. After all, who needs giardia or coccidiosis hanging around

Oh, What A Lover-ly Bunch Of Coconuts

Coconuts contain lauric acid which is converted to monolaurin in the digestive tract. That is the substance which kills these two parasites. Monolaurin is absorbed into the parasites and then it explodes from the inside.

KA-BOOM! Bye-Bye giardia! KA-POW! Bye-Bye coccidia!

It is solid until it reaches about 76 degrees, so in the beginning I just scooped out about a tablespoon per bowl and plopped it on top of whatever the meal happened to be.

Only about half of their meals needed to be put in a bowl, so that meant they only got this about 50% of the time. I have since added a few other natural supplements that I mix together which makes it even easier to protect against parasites.

In addition to killing protozoans coconut oil is an antifungal and the medium chain fatty acids are good for general health.

The hard part is picking out the product that gives you the biggest bang for your buck nutritionally speaking.

Giardia and Coccidia Killer Coconut

And The Winner Is....

After much head spinning and reading, I found this to be the description I look for in any coconut oil I buy.

Extra Virgin, Organic, Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Coconut Oil.

From what I can tell there is no difference between Virgin and Extra Virgin. There is also no industry standard to describe these two as there is with olive oil. Although, I've also read that most Olive Oil is really adulterated with other non-olive oils, so what's in a label? 

Expeller expressed is much cheaper than cold pressed, which I'm thinking means it is less nutritionally packed.

Got it? Get it! Kill Giardia And Coccidia Now

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There is also the informative page on dog parasites if you need information on something other than giardia and coccidia.

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